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Value Added Distribution for the Chemical Industry

Find out how CISCO helps a wide variety of customers and industries with bulk chemical distribution, logistic services and product development.

Our Services

Bulk Chemical Procurement

Our strong relationships with base chemical manufacturers around the world allow CISCO to serve our bulk chemical customers reliably and competitively.

Product Development

We work beside our customers from the R&D lab to the manufacturing facility to bring their new products to market. We can assist in everything from developing new compounds and applications to site selection and process engineering.

Comprehensive Logistics

We serve our customers with world class logistics services and custom designed resource strategies. We help our customers keep storage costs low and deliveries timely. Barges, rail cars, trucks, or drums- we move it efficiently to keep our customer’s running profitably.

CISCO can design a manufacturing process and QC program for your custom chemical products, and select the ideal manufacturing assets from among our custom manufacturing partners. Our custom manufacturing services allow our customers to expand their business without making huge capital investments.

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We Offer Custom Manufacturing

Customer Reviews

"I am a Product Manager at a company which distributes and manufacturers over 3000 products into many different industries. We purchase materials from all over the world. We probably have a couple hundred vendors in which I personally am in contact with a good fraction of these vendors.  And I have to say, based on my past experiences with CISCO, that they are in our top five preferred vendors due to their response time, pricing, creativity with our demands and/or our customer’s demands and their customer support. I cannot remember one time which CISCO did not respond to our needs within 24 hours.  As a matter of fact, I always have to be completely prepared when I ask a question because I know I am getting a timely response back. Our communication with CISCO is truly efficient and that has led to additional sales throughout the over 20 years partnership with CISCO.  My only regret is that we cannot purchase any other materials from CISCO, but that does not stop us from trying. When we have an opportunity that fit within CISCO’s product line or is close, we approach them to see it they can help us.  We are currently in the middle of a supply project with a material we have never offered to our customers in the 80 year history of the company. They are truly one of our most trusted and valued suppliers"

Product Manager

Chemical Manufacturer and Distributor


“ I am a purchasing manager for a very large chemical company with branches in all 50 states. We supply many products that are used in the automotive after market. We purchase a variety of chemicals all over North America. We have hundreds of suppliers. We started doing business with Cisco in 1991 and I personally have been doing business with them since 2005. Cisco has won our Chemical vendor of the year award several times over my time here. We know we can always count on Cisco as a dependable supplier. Cisco’s customer service and logistics have helped us save millions of dollars over the years. Whether it’s a contract or a spot purchase we know we can count on them to deliver product to us on time and at the best price. They have also helped us develop some new next generation solvents to help us with the growing need to comply with new stringent EPA regulations. We view our relationship with Cisco as a partnership.”


Purchasing Manager

Chemical Waste and Environmental Solutions Company


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